What is Deep Web? How To Access Deep web?

Have you come across the term “DEEP WEB” Or “DARK WEB”. Well, this article will give a simpler understanding of what “Deep Web” means and how is it different from “Dark Web”. We all know the fact that when we type for any information or content on any web search engine, the indexed content will appear as a result of our search. This part of the content on world wide web is called “Surface Web”. Besides, “Deep Web” is nothing but the unindexed content which is available on the world wide web. Deep Web can also be termed as invisible web, or hidden web is parts of the World Wide Web whose contents are not indexed by standard search engines for any reason. The content of Deep Web is hidden behind HTML forms and is not accessible to everyone.

The very common uses like the mail we get, online banking and the other pay services we get to access only by paying or protected by a paywall fall under Deep Web. A video on demand, a paid magazine, newspapers online etc are exemplary Deep Web contents. The content on Deep Web is generally marked as something awful on the internet. But, not everything on the Deep Web is in contrary mostly.


While Deep Web refers to something which cannot be found on a search engine, Dark web refers to the same thing but the only difference is, Dark Web is notorious or also illegal. The deep web is anything behind a particular paywall, or anything which is password protected, or anything which has a temporary URL, or anything which is dynamically generated.

We get to access the Deep Web in day-to-day life. The emails in our Gmail account, our online bank transactions, Direct messages on Twitter, Photos we upload on social media marking as private (all these are available on the internet, but not indexed by search engines). All these things come under the Deep Web. “Deep web” in simple words is the content of databases and other web services that for one reason or another cannot be indexed by conventional search engines.

On the other hand, Dark web is the encrypted network that is present between Tor servers and their clients. And thus, Deep Web and Dark Web are not the same though there is an ambiguity regarding.The Dark Web, on the other hand, is a smaller portion of these Deep Web that’s only accessible with special software like the Tor browser.

Is it Legal to browse the content from the Deep Web?

Have you been in a doubt if the Deep web is even legal? The answer is yes, technically. Of course, there are thousands of illegal websites which promote illegal products or services with in the Dark web. But, the Deep web is slightly different from Dark web. To be specific, both of them are legal. These Deep and Dark Webs are an excellent resource of knowledge and power.

Access to the Deep Web via Tor:

To get access to Deep Web or Dark web you need to download the Tor browser. Click here to download Tor website. You need to follow the quick setup process. Tor not only gives us the access to the Dark web but also provides its own network if needed.

  • Follow the Tor Set up steps and click on ‘Finish’ button, Tor will be launched on your device.
  • Tor will ask you if you want to connect directly to the Tor network or use your own secure connection.
  • Click on ‘Connect’ on Tor. You are now ready to browse through the content from Deep Web.

Tor Browser:

Tor isn’t typically designed for Deep Web and Dark web. But, Tor allows you to browse Tor network. Tor network allows the establishment of an anonymous connection which will protect against the tracking and surveillance. In addition to being able to access any website you can in a standard browser, you can also access Dark Web URLs that end in .onion.

Generally, the search engines crawl the internet by visiting one web page and then all the linked sites on that page and then the other links and so on. What in the case of no links at all? Just take the social media sites as an example. Facebook allows you to search the content which is not indexed by the other search engines. It is the same with twitter and many other social media sites.

A very Important Note:

Please make a note that you need to have a clear understanding of the Deep Web before you visit the Deep Web sites. You may end up on a site which might have disturbing content or illegal services. Please make sure that you are above 18 years old. Keep the below points in consideration before you get into the risk zone.

Do’s to access the Deep Web:

  • First and foremost, please get a good understanding of what exactly is this Deep Web.
  • Use the Directories to Browse Safely.
  • Be Responsible and conscious of what you are watching.

Do not’s to access the Deep Web:

  • Please do not click on any suspicious links which may lead you to illegal or insensitive paths on the internet.
  • The deep web is known for its notorious activities more than the incredible knowledge you can gain from it. While the Dark Web So, keep in mind the fact that the deep web might be dangerous.
  • Do not get into illegal drug trafficking, human trafficking, child pornography, theft, gore etc which you might come across when you get into deeper paths of Deep Web.

Browse safe and keep yourself away from any kind of notorious or harmful activities. Though there is an incredible source of knowledge, there are certain risks on the Deep Web as well as the Dark Web.