Hi, Before you read further I want to say that I DON’T collect any personal information from my Blog readers in any form. And the information collected from different sources without breaching the privacy of readers on my blog will be used only for improving reading experince of my blog readers and for improvement of content.


Here I am writing all the sources How and What data I get from my readers and How I will be using that data.

I may data from my readers which include E-Mail ids from Email Optin forms on my blog (Not yet implemented) this data will be not be shared with others at anycost. They are used only by me to send you the latest posts to you no spam mails will be sent because I know the pain of spam mails.

And I use Google Analytics to better understand my blog readers, The data collected from Google Analyctics include the location (not presise) and the page they are reading. The data collected from Google Analytics will never disclose the personal identity to me. You can read the privacy policy of Google Analytics from here.

And I use the Google Ads to monitze my blog, Google Adsense uses some cookies on your browser, Please read about Google adsense privacy policy for more information on how the data is used from my blog which I don’t have any acess to it.

If you are having any doubts then feel free to contact me