Prisma App Is Now Available For All Android Devices

I had seen some friends publishing a super artistic photos in their accounts of Instagram and Facebook, so I decided to ask what is the application they were using. Then i got to know that Prism is the application that creates cool effects, but it was not available for android devices back then. But After a few days of running only in beta and by invitation, the Prism application is now available for all Android smartphones.

A premiere that comes after the tremendous success, this application with filters capable of converting photographs into a kind of artistic frames and with well achieved results has had on Apple iOS devices. So today i installed and I liked it so much that I come to tell my experience and what you can do with this app photo.

How to create your art?

The application is super simple, but creates amazing effects on our pictures. That’s why I wondered: How Do They Do It?

Prisma-InstagramAccording to its creators, they use a neural networks and artificial intelligence to recreate a picture. That’s why their results are more artistic than other apps that do this. Prisma has become one of the phenomena of Instagram in recent weeks, the capacity of Prisma to detect shapes and colors in images using artificial intelligence and apply different painting styles that mimic some of the great artists of the painting is one of the reasons their success.

There are many available effects, such as: Femme, Udnie, Tears, Dreams, Curtain, MIOBI, Impression, etc. Apparently, many of the effects mimic different eras, artists and techniques used over the years. However, it also adapts to modern times, with effects such as Heisenberg, you can see at this link.

In addition to choosing effects, all you can do is increase or decrease its intensity.

In fact now Prisma servers seem to have problems to manage is successful. “There are too many people using Prism same time” it is the message that some users are finding to download and start using this application.

How to make videos with Prisma

It is not yet possible, but its creators say they are working on it, and even showed a music video and edited entirely with Prisma.prisma gif