Play Flash Content on Android Mobile with Dolphin Browser

There are many drawbacks of using default mobile browser one of them is opening/running Flash content, To solve this issue on mobile it is really a hectic process, and luckily there is a simple solution to run Flash content without any problem with the help of Dolphin Browser.
If your mobile supports Dolphin Browser then your problem is solved. You can run easily without doing any hectic tasks.

Dolphin Browser is available for free can be downloaded from Google play store and directly from the official site too.

Dolphin Browser in its latest versions not only supporting the flash content it is also added support to share the web pages with NFC-enabled devices which are really a great feature in Dolphin Browser which decreases the data transfer,

And the main feature that every mobile user loves in this app is decreased the amount of data usage. By using its high compression algorithms.

How to install Dolphin Browser on Android Browser?

If you want to install Dolphin Browser all you have to do, Just head over to Google PlayStore and search for Dolphin Browser and then click on install.
Or you can download the apk directly on your mobile and installĀ  the browser on your Android Mobile.

Few More Features of Dolphin Browser:

  • Inbuilt Adblock tool to avoid annoying ads on your mobile and have safe browsing.
  • Incognito browsing to protect you from spying.
  • Personalized search built for your based on your searches.
  • Fast and Robust Download manager to download large files on mobile.
  • Gestures to open your favorite websites quickly.
  • There are so many Add-ons available for Dolphin Browser. These addons provide extra features to your Dolphin Browser these are just lik Chrome and Firefox extensions.

Check out this video for more info and features of Dolphin Browser:

  • johnthan

    This nice to have this post because once I was looking for this if really any other browser can I get for my phone but I found nothing that time.