iOS 11 Brings One-Hand Keyboard for the iPhone

iPhone which was once so small and was promoted as a smartphone with no buttons and can be used with one hand has now significantly increased it’s screen thus making it require two hands to use the keyboard. Which is specifically a big problem for iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6 Plus and 6s devices.

If you are facing this problem then don’t worry, iOS is releasing the much-awaited feature in iOS 11 i.e one-handed keyboard support, Which was announced along with other cool features like person to person payments in iMessage, by the company at its recent annual Worldwide Developer Conference.

If you want to access this keyboard then all you need to do is just upgrade your iOS to iOS 11.

How to Access the One Handed Keyboard on iOS:

iOS onehand keyboard

You can access this feature by long-pressing on the globe icon present at the left-hand corner of the default iOS keyboard on your iPhone.

Then you can choose whether you want left-handed one side keyboard or the right-handed one side keyboard and start typing with the single hand on the go :-).

Apple is not the first company to introduce the one-handed keyboard, this feature was already introduced long back in Android devices in Google Keyboard and Swift Keyboard and many other keyboards.

If you did not like the Apple’s default one-handed keyboard then here is a bonus for you

Bonus Microsoft’s one-handed iOS keyboard

Microsoft has released Word Flow keyboard App a few months back to the public beta, Before making accessible to everyone.

And Microsoft’s One hand keyboard can do much more than just one handed typing, like typing through swiping around the keyboard.  And the keyboard also intelligently predicts the next word just like in the Google Keyboard and Swift Keyboard in Android. And this keyboard can be customised with different background images provided by Microsoft and also your own phone.

A glance at Microsft’s Word Flow Keyboard: