How To Hide Apps in iPhone – iOS Tips

Since the iPhone was first brought up in 2007, there have been a modest bunch of features that users requested more than once however that never appear to make it to Apple’s lineup.perhaps, its  the capacity to uninstall default Apple applications that are  pre-installed in iPhone’s. Apple doesn’t allow users to expel these default applications, since it sees them as basic to the iOS encounters, yet a lot number of users would preferably free up storage space and than keep up Apple’s vision for iOS.

This is a trick to use if you want to quickly hand your iOS device off to someone else and don’t want them having access to seeing personal data contained within some apps .So hiding applications on iOS is a procedure dependably goes on Apple devices that looks a bit messy with all the apps that comes by default doesn’t give you a chance to remove,. here we have a trick to do it so for a glitch around to hide the apps in iOS 7, 8 , and 9 respectively.I can give a glance by sharing my tricks in three different ways with respective versions.

hide apps in iphone

How To Hide Apps in iOS 7 and iOS 8 :

  • Ensure the home screen is totally filled with application icons, with no gaps between the folders
  • Additionally ensure the dock that keeps running along the home screen, likewise totally fill with apps
  • Drag the application icon you need to hide from the home screen of the folder you choose and drag to the bottom so that it appears
  • The application icon will disappear from the folder we had created
  • You can do this trick to every application you want to hide

Alternative method that works pretty smooth without any tricks that allows you to access within the phone settings.lets have a look.

Hiding Default Apps in Apple devices:

  • Go to  Settings and tap on “General”
  • Go to “restrictions” and tap “enable Restrictions”, set a password for limitations for restrictions if you haven’t yet
  • Under “allow”toggle the applications you need to OFF, i.e. flip the button for example “podcasts or stocks” to OFF in the event if you want to hide these apps respectively.
  • Exit out of Restrictions when you complete this
  • Go to the home screen of the iPhone and you will no longer see the hidden apps.

hide apps

Hiding Downloaded Apps in Apple Devices:

  • It is simple approach to hide each and every application that has been downloaded to iOS from the App Store, expelling them from the home screen
  • Open Settings and tap on “General”
  • Go to “restrictions” and ensure that is been enabled
  • Scroll down for “allowed content” and search for apps
  • Tap “Don’t Allow Apps” instantly Hide all downloaded app

Note: Toggling the “Hide All” option ON and OFF and ON again will reset the Home Screen icon arrangements, and any apps contained in folders will be pulled out of their folders. Be aware of this, but remember that you can easily restore your old Home Screen layout by resyncing with iTunes or iCloud. older versions of iOS will have another option or two when hiding defaults, make  sure with the versions of iOS when you are using these tweaks.

How to hide apps in iOS 9 and later versions.

  1. Hold down on the app icon you want to hide until it starts to wiggle.
  2. Drag the app icon over any other app to create a folder.
  3. Take your finger off the icon once in the folder. Do not press the Home button.
  4. Drag the app icon to the second page of the folder. Take your finger off the icon.
  5. Drag the app icon to the third page of the folder and keep your finger on it.
  6. Drag the app icon to the edge of the folder and press the Home button simultaneously.

ios 9 hidden apps

Hiding is one way to empty your home screen in your IPhone then what’s next if you want it visible after you hide so lets have a look for this tweak.

  • Make a place to show the application by either deleting other application, or by dragging an application into another or existing folder
  • Turn your Phone off totally by holding the power button for a few moments and swiping Slide to Power Off.
  • Power on your Phone.
  • Your application will now show up in the place we have chosen.

This is How you can Hide the Apps in iPhone with this small trick. Share this post with your friends.

  • Ajith

    Nice tip, Why don’t Apple give the option to hide the Apps

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  • Pooja

    Hiding apps on Android mobile is so easy. Why don’t iOS make it happen.