Google Reverse Search Image for Phones (Android, iPhone) and PC

No doubt Google is one of the best search engines to search the Internet for valuable information. Finding any information on Internet is made so simple and fast by Google, And you might have also landed on this page by searching on Google!

Google can help you find the information if you give the search term or a keyword. Not only the Google all the search engines search the internet based on the search terms. These search engines can search the Images, and Videos too. This is how you can search from Google web. But what if you don’t know what search term should be used to search on Google to get the information? The answer is use the Google Reverse Image Search tool.

Google reverse image search

You can use Google Reverse Image Search tool to search the internet by using the image i.e searching by Image on internet for more information. And not only that you can find info about the image you can also find the images copied on other sites this way we can use Google to fight the plagiarism.

Google reverse image search tool can be accessed from the desktop browser from this URL you can use the Chrome and FireFox browsers and other popular desktop internet browsers.

How To Do Google Image Reverse Search

You can do Google Image reverse search from Desktop PC’s and Mobiles, In this post I will cover how you can search by image from Desktop PC and also from the Android and iOS mobile devices in multiple ways.

Search by Image from Desktop

You can search the image from Desktop in two ways. The first way is

From Any Browser:

You can use any of the best Internet Browsers like Chrome and Firefox to search for the Image.To search from Chrome and Firefox browsers follow these steps.

  • Go to
  • And upload the image you want to search on Internet by drag and drop or Upload by clicking on Camera icon as shown in below image.  Google reverse image search
  • You can either paste the url of the image to be search or you can upload the image as shown in below image search by image
  • After uploading you will get the results related to your image.

Using Chrome Browser:

Since Chrome is built by Google, The company has integrated the search by image directly into Chrome browser.

Chrome browser provides you one single click option to perform reverse search the image by providing the option when you right click on the image on any webpage.

If you are using Chrome browser to read this article then try to search the below image by right clicking on the image.

golden puppy

Search by Image from Mobile Devices:

Google doesn’t provide the option to search the image directly from Mobile browsers, Don’t worry there is way you can search from mobile by using this website.

All you need to do is open this link in your mobile browser and upload the image and hit on Search that’s it. This is how you can search from mobile browsers in any mobile device. And if you want to search from your Android and iOS mobile devices with app read below.


To do Google reverse image search from Android there is Google Goggles app. You  can install the app from the playstore.

This app not only searches the image online. This app has got some great features to install the app.

  • You can scan QR and Bar codes.
  • Solve Sudoku Puzzle Game
  • Translate the Language (In built Google Translate App)
  • Add contacts directly.
  • And also OCR.

This  is how you can search from Android phone.

iOS Device

If you are using iOS device then you don’t need to install another extra app. This feature is directly built in the Google App.

You can download the Google App in itunes

This is how you can search from iOS devices.

Alternatives to Google Reverse Image Search

If you are looking for the alternatives to Google Reverse Image Search then Here are some tools.

TinEye :

Basically TinEye is the  product of Idee Inc a Toronto based company.It is used as one of the top Reverse image searching website.It is one of the image identification technology used for the images in the format like JPEG, PNG and GIF which is limited to 20MB of Uploaded size

The most Interesting feature of TinEye is that it recognizes the picture as a whole.This is the best website for tracking the illegal Images that are ever it has a browser extensions like safari, Firefox ,Chrome etc.


Visual Search tool for Pinterest:

Pinterest is one of the advance search tool for visual images that was announced in the November 2015 ,It has a look up feature where you can view the specific image  that can be zoom within a particular image and drag the zoom tool over the specific part that which you focus on

Note: Based on the other Search image tools it might be little clumsy for making it use.


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