Franz- One Application for All Messaging Apps

With the latest messaging apps developing every day, There are so many messaging apps begin used by people around the world, Giving them the freedom to choose messaging app they like, But to use the app you need to install app for that particular messaging app, This is acceptable if you are using only 2-3 messaging apps, But if you want to use more apps then you end up your computer with all the messaging, And thus making it a big mess with all the messaging apps. Have you ever thought of using multiple Skype accounts on your computer

If you want to avoid that mess then just follow this post and enjoy messaging on your computer with a single application.

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Franz: All in One Messaging Application

Franz is a multi-messaging app, You can use any messaging application from Franz application without installing any application. Franz currently supports 34 messaging applications like Slack, Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram and many other apps.

Franz is available for Windows, Linux and Mac, You can download the Franz application from here.

Not only you can use the multiple apps, You can also use multiple times an application i.e you can use multiple Skype accounts on your single computer from the single application without installing Skype.

Not just the Skype accounts, You can also use Multiple WhatsApp accounts, Multiple Slack accounts, Multiple FB Messenger applications from single computer.

The only disadvantage with this application is that all the applications do not support all the features. The support comes limited with Franz. There is nothing can be done from Franz as those features are not enabled by Original App.

Hope you have liked the application, Do share this application with your friends and help them in keeping their computer clutter free from apps. 🙂