Enable Dark Theme on Windows 10 [How To]

Windows 10 is one of best Operating Systems from Microsoft which has greatly improved with the design and new features with App stores and many other features. Windows 10 can be used in both app mode and desktop mode. Therefore Windows 10 is suitable for Tablets and Laptops for normal daily tasks and professional works.

Windows 10 has some hidden UI customizations, Which I will say you here.

By default Windows 10 apps run in Light theme, especially in Modern applications.But if you prefer the dark/black theme or simply looking for more friendly to your eyes when you are using Windows 10 Laptops in low light, I will show you how to apply the dark theme to your Windows 10.

Turn on the Dark Theme on Windows 10

In Windows 10 we have several customization options which allow us to change the colours of the Windows 10 App theme. To change follow these steps.

Open Windows Settings Windows with Win+I keys.

Windows Settings

Now click on personalization as shown in the image.

Now in te left side panel, you can select the option “Colours”.

app mode

From here you can select different options to customise the colour themes of your Windows 10 laptop. To Change the Windows app theme to dark scroll down

And select the option “Choose your app mode” to Dark to enable dark theme in the app.

This is how you can enable the dark theme in Windows 10 app mode.