Download iTube App APK for Windows/PC/Laptops

Everyone in the world love music whatever may be the Age, Gender Its quite unusual talk about the music lovers around the world but Love for music is the great thing that helps us to relax according to our situations.We search for many applications for music Videos that,best categories according to our easy access and direct download to our Favorite song or video.In Android (Google play store) we find many Music applications that suits our interests accordingly but one of the best application as per the reviews or by the strategies we found iTube is best one among them.Here I’ll help you to make sense using i Tube with the history of it and  how it has been developed and features of it which had  made it popular

i Tube is the best entertainment app that has been developed by 24/7 app Ltd.Initially it is named as Play tube and afterwards named as i Tube per the users demand features and redesigned features, It helps to view music videos and play to our interesting songs has a search option that has easy access to our favorite songs to search it.Once the video has been viewed it can be saved as offline purpose and you can enjoy it when there is Online connection


The Uniqueness remains for i Tube among all music apps  is faster video viewing with minimum buffering strategy and have access to the other search engines of music that helps to store music and helps in creating our own playlist and can shuffle, edit or rearrange the songs Initial it is released for the Android Platform but due to its popularity it has been raise to many platforms for download purpose,Here are some Features of the i Tube below.compatible to many platforms and you can use it in either of the platforms like Mac Os, Windows

Features of i Tube Player  Application :


1.You can create your own play lists according to your choice of latest updates

2.You have access to the recent history that you viewed either you can bookmark the playlists

3.Connecting to your You tube Account and manage your playlists

4.You can multitasking by listening to your songs from i Tube

5.Double tap on video to zoom it out, one tap to dismiss controls

6.You can use catchphrases to search for your desired songs you wish.

7. In this application you have an access to sleep timers


Download i Tube app for Windows XP/7/8/10 , PC/Laptops :


This application is available on the play store of google in android devices as the windows cannot access direct play store installations you need to find the Android emulator by following  steps :

1.Make sure your windows has an android emulator like bluestacks offline installer or else download it from the official website.(Better to use Blue stacks Emulator in choice of other emulators)
2.After completion your installation of a blue stack you need to search for the i Tube Music  in the search bar. as it is available for Free downloads.
3.Click on the install Button, and wait for the app to Download,and it will be redirected to the desktop shortcut after installation.
4, Double click on it and enjoy the music of your desire.